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Prospective Faculty

Department of Engineering Design is actively looking for highly qualified and committed faculty to join the department. The department is highly interdisciplinary and looks for candidates with demonstrated experience in the design and development of multidisciplinary engineering systems. Currently, we have below mentioned focus research areas and are looking for faculty who can contribute to these areas. The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. from a reputed Institute/University with a very good academic record throughout. Post Ph.D. experience with independent research work will be an added advantage. Demonstrated research experience through publications/patents in the area of specialisation is a must. A strong desire to work with students and fellow researchers is essential.

How to apply:

    The starting salary depends on the post-PhD experience, and is generally more than adequate to cover the expenses. Various employment opportunities exist on and around campus for the spouse and the Institute is making significant efforts towards expanding these opportunities.

    For any queries about the application process or about the Department/Institute, you are welcome to contact the Head of the Department (edhead@iitm.ac.in). If you want to visit the department, we would be glad to have you deliver a seminar and interact with our faculty.